5 Tips For Responsible Sports Betting For Newbies

5 Tips For Responsible Sports Betting For Newbies

Sports betting (placing bets on sports matches to win money) can be addictive and therefore, it is crucial to bet responsibly in sports. Otherwise, you can have serious emotional and financial problems caused by gambling addiction. To avoid all the possible risks attached to addictive betting and keep the fun of the game (pathological betting doesn’t make fun at all!) look at the five tips for responsible sports betting below.

Don’t use betting as a coping mechanism and outlet

The coping mechanism is the way you deal with stress and problems. Betting, gambling, and drinking alcohol are self-destructive coping mechanisms. Even if it seems to be very tempting to escape from your problems by using such websites as 22Bet Mobile App for placing bets, find something to replace it. Talk to your family member, find a new interesting hobby for your body or soul, or just go for a walk. Using betting as an outlet (a way of coping with problems) won’t help you feel better or lead a happier life.

Don’t chase losses

Don't chase losses

All bettors have to lose sometimes, and it is important to accept it as part of betting. Consider your losses as the cost of our entertainment and never try to chase them by placing more bets. It is just an illusion of a gambling addict. Attempting to recover your losses will set you in a vicious cycle of riskier bets and lead to gambling addiction. That’s why it is so important to bet with money you can afford to lose. 

Set a betting budget and stick to it

A rule of thumb of any responsible bettor or gambler is to set a budget and never spend more money than you have planned to spend. Allocate a sum of money to betting you can spend in a day and a month. Overspending can not only lead you to serious financial problems and debts but has some bad psychological consequences  

Bet only on sports you know

Bet only on sports you know

Betting is not similar to playing online casino games: smart betting is based on expertise and knowledge. That’s why you should do your research (learn as much as you can about the sports you bet on, athletes, statistics, etc.) before starting betting. Never place bets on sports you are not familiar with, because it is the way to making irrational impulsive decisions and losing money. Remember that watching football matches and placing bets on the team are not interchangeable. 

Balance your betting with other hobbies and activities

Betting must be done for fun and entertainment and is considered just as one of the recreational activities to enjoy from time to time. You should never use betting as a substitute for your friends, or other hobbies (for example, making regular physical exercises). As occasional entertainment betting is great, it makes fun and doesn’t lead to any gambling addiction problems. 


Following some responsible betting rules will be of great help to your psychological well-being and health. As entertaining betting can be, it can lead you to serious financial and psychological problems if you place impulsive bets and don’t have a proper betting mentality.

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